Monday, April 14, 2008

Boom Blox News

Boom Blox will soon be out. I am really excited. It's scheduled for a May 6th U.S. and May 9th European release! I'm reading that Boom Blox also made a huge impression at the 2008 Nintendo Media Summit. One of the most interesting ideas brought up was the interactions parents could have playing this game with their kids. Parents can make puzzles for their children using the level-editor and vice versa. Actually, many aspects of this game do encourage person to person interactivity such as the many multi-player levels and the ability to send your puzzles to friends via the Wii Connect 24.
Again, I can not reiterate just how proud I am of this game. It is a game for gamers and casual players alike which is a rare feat. The editor is amazing fun. The characters are hilarious. I mean just look at this screen shot. It's freakin' nuts! Block monkeys with bandito mustaches and cowboy hats flying through the air as the block world around them explodes in chaos. Can you believe this game was made in America? Yes! Here's a video interview with our producer, Amir Rahimi, talking about the game.

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