Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boom Blox Level Editor

My good friend Joe Fielder explains Boom Blox's level editor in this IGN article.
As you can see, the level editor also known as Create mode, is simple to use, but lends itself to an infinite array of possibilities. You can make games. You can make comedic gag sequences. You can make a virtual art project like building the Capitol Building using Blox. I would recommend this game to all of the aspiring game designers of the world, even to you "hardcore" gamers. There are many aspects of game design which can be learned from using the Boom Blox Create mode from physics puzzles to simple AI usage to pathing to pacing. Like I've said before, this is an actual game. I believe that in a day and age where games are trying to recreate reality without much consideration for the fun factor of something like Pac Man, it's a breath of fresh air to see a game like Boom Blox out there that isn't afraid of being a game. That means having goals, a set of rules, and lots of fun! Imagine that.....FUN!
The guys at IGN also got to play around with the Boom Blox level editor. They've written an article on their impressions and also showed some cool videos of them making their levels. Here's the link
As you can see, the editor is really simple to use, and creating levels in a world with physics is practically a puzzle in itself. You really have to think about gravity, balance, and the amount of weight involved in building puzzles. It's a true test in critical thinking and depending on how complicated you want to make your puzzles, you may want to plan them out ahead of time. I can't wait! May 6th (the release date) is almost here!

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